5 Most Obvious Reasons Behind a Failed Leaflet Marketing Campaign

5 Most Obvious Reasons Behind a Failed Leaflet Marketing Campaign

Flyer distribution remains by far the most popular method of getting your flyers to your target audience, because it is affordable. Leaflet delivery in Sydney is economical and an effective marketing strategy which most global brands use as part of their marketing mix. Artwork is the most important aspect of a successful marketing campaign. Flyers should be colourful, not too much copy, printed on both sides with a compelling “call to action”.

Let us look at some reasons why leaflet delivery in Sydney could fail.

Your leaflet has too much copy

Artwork is the most important aspect for a successful leaflet delivery in Sydney. You must remember that you have seconds to gain the recipients attention, after all it is unsolicited mail. Keep the content brief, use images to sell your story and use a larger text than usual to increase readership. Print always on both sides, this is 101 of marketing. It will also increase readership. Primary colours work well and remember to make sure you include all contact details and check they are correct. Include a strong “call to action.” Unless the leaflet delivery in Sydney is for branding purposes only, then a “call to action” is not so important.

You are unsure where your target market is located

Knowing where your ideal target market is located is important in designing an effective campaign. Flyers Direct makes use of residential household and business data so that you can have a clear understanding about the real reach achieved through leaflet delivery in Sydney.

Unrealistic Expectations

Keeping the broader picture in mind is very important.  Nothing is instantaneous in business and neither are marketing results. It’s important to understand that all marketing and advertising whether it’s online or offline needs to be tested over a number of campaigns for it effectiveness. Therefore having a 12 month marketing plan and budget is essential to create or maintain your brand awareness and increase sales.

Simultaneous flyer distribution and digital marketing campaign increase results

The targeted customers build up a certain idea and interest about your service or product after a flyer distribution campaign has been completed and including an sms campaign or digital catalogue Lasoo to assist the letterbox distribution campaign will improve your marketing results.

You give up!

It is easy to give up after a period of time has passed between your flyers going out and acknowledging the results of your marketing campaign. That is why committing to a 12 month marketing plan and budget is so essential. It will give you confidence to battle on, through the stresses of the ups and downs of your business.

Remember that results take time. You are not an employee, you are an entrepreneur, so keep the big picture in mind. Leaflet delivery in Sydney work! Contact Flyers Direct for a chat and quote, we can help you!