Angel Capital

At FlyersDirect we know firsthand that a strategic marketing mix works. The success of our clients campaigns are testament that we are doing something right. Recently our executive team were reviewing our unique selling proposition and felt we could offer a compelling innovative idea, a totally unique proposition to proactively assist small businesses. With that in mind we have decided to become a ‘Business Angel.’ What does this mean to you? Well, if you have an established company with a new business idea for a product or service and can’t afford to risk spending huge amounts on marketing, we will look at your idea with a view to offering our services to you free of charge.

This offer is not purely altruistic as we would be looking to negotiate a commission on any sales that the marketing campaign creates. The advantage of this service is that we are totally flexible in negotiating a win/win agreement. We simply offer our experience, expertise and a can do attitude.

Provisionally we will partner or joint venture with profitable underlying businesses operated by capable people we can trust. We focus on potential opportunities through the eyes of the ultimate end user. We are not passive partners; our sweet spot is to be active users of the products or services in which we have an interest.

In the first instance please email your inquiries to