Are you Thinking the Wrong Way with Your Flyer Design?

The tactile and personal nature of flyers along with their widespread reach in the locality makes them a powerful tool for business promotion. If you have opted to use flyer advertising, that’s great! But are you creating the best flyer design? If your flyer has one or more of the following features, then it’s time to rectify your mistakes.

Features are in bullet points

Many flyer designs include headlines in the form of a single sentence, along with a few bullet points representing the features of the services or products. But it does nothing more than simply presenting the business. For instance, if you are selling your dry cleaning service and use bullet points that say ‘neat’ and ‘quick’, customers will just glance and move on.

However, if you convey to your customers how much time they can save by using your service, they will definitely be interested in knowing more about your business.

The headline is lackluster

Creating a headline is extremely easy, but creating one that makes a mark in your reader’s mind can be quite difficult. Often flyers which are distributed suffer from the problem of lackluster headlines or even worse the headline is altogether missing. Business owners should understand that merely putting a business or brand name on the flyer is not enough to arouse interest regarding your products and services. The headline must arouse curiosity, since it is the first thing the reader sees.

Design is poor and photo quality isn’t sharp

It is a mistake to produce business flyers with low quality resolution graphics. You should also refrain from using stock photos bearing watermarks or clip art. It is indeed a cheaper option, but the flyer will not draw attention. If you are investing in a flyer distribution campaign, remember to hire a good flyer distribution company which can offer you great designs as well as well managed distribution.

Apart from the design, you should also make sure that the company is using good quality paper stock to print the flyers. Since the flyer is a tangible product unlike online advertisement tools, the paper quality does matter. Remember the material quality selected does reflect your brand and business as a whole.

There is no call to action

You should not end any of your advertising campaigns without communicating to the reader, viewer, listener or target audience what they should do. Simply adding the contact number of your business won’t win the game; you must incorporate a powerful call to action that motivates your recipient towards the desired action. For instance, you can incorporate phrases like- ‘Bring this flyer during your next visit to our store and get attractive offers’, ‘Refer a friend and get exclusive discounts on your next purchase’, ‘Hurry up to get 30% discount on your next spring cleaning’, and so on.

A flyer is extremely versatile and can be a great tool for marketing your business to the appropriate audience. But you must overcome these mistakes while designing the flyer, so that it brings in maximum results. Get in touch with an established flyer design and distribution company which can offer you an effective strategy.