Common Mistakes You Must Avoid Making on Your Company Brochure

Common Mistakes You Must Avoid Making on Your Company Brochure - Flyers Direct

A professionally designed and appropriately printed brochure can help you generate good amount of sales through your letterbox distribution campaign. However, certain pitfalls in the brochure may prevent you from making the most of your campaign.

Here are some of the common errors you should avoid so that your brochure is effective and not just a waste of money and time.

Mistake 1: Overloading your brochure with information

It is a brochure that would reach your target audience through letterbox distribution in Sydney, and not a laundry list. Do not try to put everything in one brochure thinking that it would interest everyone. A brochure overloaded with information often bores the audience who would rather ignore it. If you have more than a single product and cater to different types of customer, use different brochures for each type of customer.

Mistake 2: Designing a brochure without any purpose

Before designing the brochure, decide what you would want to achieve through letterbox distribution. A brochure with no goal will also have no results. Hence, ask yourself questions like the following and create the brochure accordingly: Do I want people to read the brochure and call me? Do I want them to visit my store and make a purchase? Do I simply want to inform about my products or services? Should I send across the brochure to build trust with the target market?

Mistake 3: Not knowing about the target market

If you do not know your end user, how will you formulate the message that would be conveyed? To create an effective brochure, you must be aware of your target audience, their problems and how you can offer a solution through your products or services. Note that people purchase benefits rather than products or services, hence your brochure must promote the appropriate benefits to the appropriate audience.

Mistake 4: Considering yourself a design and distribution expert

Some business owners go for desktop publishing in order to save money on brochure design. Also, many tend to go for letterbox distribution in Sydney without hiring a professional. However, the point is that whenever you invest on expert graphic designers or an experienced distribution agency, you surely get very good return on your investment. The professionals ensure that your brochure is presentable and the same is distributed appropriately to your target audience.

Mistake 5: Include photos randomly

Do not include photos in your brochure just for the sake of having them. The photos should complement your copy and reinforce the message you want to deliver. Sometimes a single correct photo can convey the appropriate message, with minimal use of copy. So, use photos wisely in order to make your brochures more meaningful.

Mistake 6: Sending across messages without any validation

If you have customer testimonials but are not using the same in your brochure, you are indeed committing a blunder. Testimonials from happy customers can enhance the effectiveness of a brochure, more so when you can include the customer’s name, company and designation. So make sure to collect testimonials regularly and include the same in your brochure.

Let your brochure be like a brand ambassador for your business and make a mark amongst your target audience. This in turn will reap great result from letterbox distribution in Sydney.