Creating an Eye-Catchy Flyer: Knowing the Key Elements

Flyer distribution in Sydney is affordable and effective. Can flyers still be effective in this era of digital marketing? The research says yes.

A recent survey conducted by Flyers Direct a company which specialises in flyer distribution in Sydney revealed that almost 50% of flyer or letterbox distribution was read.

Here are some key elements for creating an effective flyer –


The first thing that recipients of letterbox distribution material notice is colour, images and call to action.

  • Using high-quality, images – In order to make a letterbox distribution campaign successful, it is important to always use high-quality and colorful pictures that grab attention quickly.
  • Using your company’s brand colour scheme for all letterbox distribution campaigns makes your brand more recognisable.
  • Text Size & Font – The choice of the font and size is important in creating a flyer’s main message. A great picture and strong primary colours always look better in addition to the text being easy to read at a glance.

Simple Short Text

Less is more when it comes to creating high readership flyers, which is the main goal. Flyers Direct’s marketing team who specialise in flyer distribution in Sydney recently revealed that you have seconds to grab the attention of recipients. The main points summarised:

  • Less is Best
  • Incorporate short yet useful content that focuses on a strong generous Offer.
  • Use snappy headlines that are catchy and provocative
  • Use action words throughout the flyer. Phrases like ‘buy now’ or ‘get discount now’ work far better than passive text.
  • Use a larger text than usual to increase readership