Design A Restaurant Leaflet and Have Them Eating Out Of Your Hands

The hospitality industry is very competitive.  It’s great to have the most wonderful chefs creating amazing food; but what will come of all this effort and skill if you do not have customers?

The goal is to increase customers and table turnover and this goal begins with designing a winning leaflet and then doing leaflet distribution.  To reach your target audience economically try letterbox distribution in Sydney. Here are some tips to make sure your leaflet hits the mark in promoting your restaurant.

  1. Use primary colours combined with professional food photos and happy images of customers.
  2. Think of a strong compelling special offer or devise a system whereby they collect points upon spending a certain amount that can be redeemed later.
  3. Make sure the address and directions to your restaurant are prominently displayed on the leaflet. All your efforts at leaflet distribution will come to a naught if they cannot find their way easily to your restaurant.
  4. The Offer should be prominently featured on the leaflet. It is more important than your name and logo of your restaurant.
  5. Highlight a few of your strengths, on the leaflet. Remember those who are interested will get more details from your website, so keep it brief. Leaflet distribution will ensure more business.

Try letterbox distribution in Sydney and experience first hand how affordable and effective it will be to your restaurant’s success!