Harness the Power of Local Flyer Distribution for Your Lawn Care Business

Flyer distribution has historically been an extremely effective marketing tool for lawn care and landscaping providers. When done the right way; distribution of flyers can be one of the most lucrative advertising tools available for local lawn care and landscaping providers. Expert conductors of letterbox drops in Australia recently revealed in a study that –

  • 79% of flyer receivers read their print marketing materials, searching for lucrative offers
  • Print marketing still is far more efficient than email marketing especially when selling of goods and services is involved

Here are some important lawn care flyer improvements that can exploit the power of local flyer distribution –

Learning from Competitor’s Mistakes

One of the main reasons why flyer distribution campaigns have become so underrated is because a lot of companies tend to do it the wrong way. The best way for a company to have a successful campaign of letterbox drops is to be innovative and learn from the mistakes their competitors make. For instance, not following these basic guidelines of lawn care flyer design could be a critical mistake –

  • Make sure the flyers have an eye-catchy headline; the truth about flyers is that most receivers only care to read the headlines. Use this as an advantage and create the most compelling headlines.
  • Use that to your advantage.
  • Include a believable deadline on an offer or a discount period so that the receiver feels an urgency to respond
  • Include Calls to Action
  • Include compelling offers that clearly differentiate the business from its competitors

Paying Attention to General Client Complaints

Usually, lawn care customers have some generic complaints such as –

  • Needing a trim lawn at a specific time of the month
  • Fire ants and vermin in the grass

Conduct research into what clients complain about the most and make sure that the flyer is designed to assure them that their issues will be duly addressed.

Gain customer attention by responding to their most direct questions. Emphasize on the main things they care about the most and form the headlines of the flyers around those crucial problems.

In order to have a successful campaign of letterbox drops, it is very important for a business to come off as friendly, personable and creative in dealing with the day to day problems of the average customer.

Smart Investing

Always invest in smart flyer distribution campaigns. Don’t overspend, but don’t go cheap on the flyer manufacturing process either. The main expenditure is distribution, so make sure to keep the manufacturing process low-cost.

  • Don’t go overboard with using fancy fonts. Pick one or two font types that resonate with the business standards and stay consistent with them throughout the campaign.
  • Don’t forego useful info for “artistic veracity”
  • Avoid using an excessive number of stock photos

It is important to test the marketing pieces with marketing experts and possibly some customers before sending them out for distribution.