How to Use Flyers Effectively for Promoting Your Lawn Care Business

How to Use Flyers Effectively for Promoting Your Lawn Care Business

When it comes to searching for the right lawn care company, people do conduct online research for companies and also read reviews on the web. But by going for the more traditional methods like flyer distribution in Sydney, you are giving your target customers a ‘tangible feel’ of your business, brand and services at their very doorstep or letterboxes.

Promoting your lawn care through flyers is cost-effective and low risk marketing option. Before you start off, here is some information you should know:

  • Whether you use flyer distribution or any other advertising campaign, first time results are not guaranteed. Best practice is to test, test and test your message.
  • While planning to distribute flyers, you must start with an affordable budget, as you need to plan for multiple campaigns to build up your brand and service.
  • You must have a system to evaluate how effective your lawn care flyers are. Obviously if you are receiving inquiries for quotes you are on the right track, but you should also be checking your google analytics on your website every day to see if there is an up tick in visits.

When you are preparing your lawn care flyer, you must make sure that the reader is not bombarded with excessive information. So, keep things simple and make it easier for the target customer to understand what should be done after going through the flyer. Below we have listed some important things that your lawn care flyer must have.

  • Company Information: Firstly our prospective customers must get introduced to your company in order to show interest in your lawn care products or services. Therefore, you must include your company name along with a relevant photo signifying the very essence of your lawn care business.
  • Contact Details: The main aim of flyer distribution is to make the potential customer take action. In order to get back to you, the customer needs to have relevant contact details, such as the URL of your website, your phone number and email address.
  • Service Information: You must communicate your offerings but in a precise manner. You may even design the entire flyer to include a promotional special offers such as special spring clean-ups. Make sure that the copy is short and use a larger than usual text for easy readership.
  • Incentive for the Prospect: Incentives do work, so why not use them for your business? In fact, the right incentive offered at the right time is a major motivator prompting your prospects to choose your lawn care company over others. The incentive may be in the form of a discount or free service for the first few callers, or anything relevant for that matter.
  • Clear Call to Action: Do you want the reader to book for your lawn care services? Do you want them to visit your website and ask for a quote? You must make it clear in your flyer through a well-designed call to action.

It is obvious that a lawn care service provider will not be a professional designer, so go for a cost-effective flyer design and flyer distribution marketing company for great results. Contact Flyers Direct to arrange a campaign that will meet your requirements.