Know Why Your Business Still Needs to Consider Letterbox Advertising?

Know Why Your Business Still Needs to Consider Letterbox Advertising?

Picking the right marketing strategy to promote your products and services is challenging, but the decision usually comes down to your budget. The goal is reaching your potential customers and asking them to follow your instructions which is the call to action. Letterbox advertising, is affordable and effective.

Nothing is instantaneous in business and neither are marketing results. It’s important to understand that all marketing and advertising whether it’s online or offline letterbox distribution, everything needs to be tested over a number of campaigns for it effectiveness. Therefore having a 12 month marketing plan and budget is essential to create and maintain your brand awareness and increase sales.

Letterbox Advertising

Letterbox advertising could be flyers, brochures, leaflets, pamphlets, catalogues or samples which are being distributed to your target audience through the letterbox. Listed below are some reasons why letterbox advertising should be considered.

  1. Artwork is the most important aspect for a successful letterbox distribution. You must remember that you have seconds to gain the recipients attention, after all it is unsolicited mail. Keep the content brief, use images to sell your story and use a larger text than usual to increase readership. Print always on both sides, this is 101 of marketing. It will also increase readership. Primary colours work well and remember to make sure you include all contact details and check they are correct. Include a strong “call to action.” Unless the letterbox distribution campaign is for branding purposes only, then a “call to action” is not so important.
  2. Letterbox advertising is effective when you roll out your campaigns frequently. It promotes the integrity and trustworthiness of your brand. After a number of letterbox distribution campaigns you will notice more inquiries and activity. You should also check your Google Analytics data.
  3. Letterbox advertising, is an affordable strategy to learn about the demographics of your business area.

These are the benefits of carrying out the services of letterbox marketing. If you want to see your business meet your goals, then give letterbox advertising a try. Marketing your products and services through letterbox distribution, is a low cost marketing strategy which is also effective.