Print Now Pay Later

A new way to pay for your printing

No interest

Spend up to
$20,000 on your printing

Weekly payment over
3 months
There’s no fees when you use Prospa Pay (as long as you make your payments on time).
How paying with Prospa Pay
could work in the real world

Meet Cecilia.

Cecilia owns and operates a child care centre. Cecilia’s business needs to run a marketing campaign. With Prospa Pay, the business can arrange this today and split the payment over 13 weeks – no interest, ever.

Prospa Pay pays: $5,000.00
Cecilia pays Prospa Pay: $384.62 per week over 13 weeks.

Meet Andrew.

Andrew owns and operates a local cafe. Business has been slow lately and would like some flyers to hand out around the corner where their is more foot traffic. Andrew is able to take advantage of Prospa Pay by ordering the flyers today and pay over 13 weeks.

Prospa Pay pays: $2,300.00
Andrew pays Prospa Pay: $176.92 per week over 13 weeks.

Meet Sally.

Sally owns and operates a fitness studio and has recently opened a 2nd location. With Prospa Pay, Sally invested in display & signage to increase awareness with the local audience.

Prospa Pay pays: $4,500.00
Sally pays Prospa Pay: $346.15 per week over 13 weeks.

Next time you need to purchase from us, Prospa Pay can cover it up to
$20,000. Like the business owners above, you just pay it back in manageable
weekly payments over flexible terms. And with NO INTEREST, EVER.
Order TODAY Call 1300 363 365. Or send us an inquiry and mention Prospa Pay!