Smart Ways to Advertise Summer Clearance Sales for Your Retail Outlet

Smart Ways to Advertise Summer Clearance Sales for Your Retail Outlet - Flyers Direct

Summer sales are important to retailers! To have a successful sale you need the right marketing strategy.Distribute flyers or leaflets

Opt for letterbox distribution in Sydney. Flyers Direct offers you a customised approach to reach your target audience. Letterbox Distribution is economical, impactful and effective and Flyers Direct have the experience to help you. Our highly experienced distribution team can get your flyer drops in Oran Park to your target area effectively and on time.

Use social media platforms

Repetition works. You need to repeatedly mention your summer clearance sale on all company social media profiles. Strategically plan the announcements so that information regarding the sale gets posted at different times of the day.

The content should be varied, and incorporate teasers, casual daily mentions along with last minute call to action messages. Co-ordinate your letterbox distribution campaign with your social media activities to achieve maximum success.


When announcing a summer clearance sale, mention your website URL in the flyers or leaflets that you are sending across through letterbox distribution in Sydney or handing out to customers, you must make the announcement very clear on your website’s homepage to increase the impact of your messaging.


Facebook advertising is cost effective and targeted. Run Facebook ads and lead people to your website, especially to the home page or to any specific page that announces the summer clearance sales.

Combine letterbox distribution in Sydney with Facebook ads plus other promotional announcements, while simultaneously updating your website to promote your clearance sales.