Spice Up Your Takeaway Business with Letterbox Marketing

Do you intend to drive more sales for your takeaway business? Off course, yes! Then what are you waiting for? Go for a powerful letterbox distribution campaign to promote your takeaway service like never before. Design and distribute flyers to make your target audience long to have a taste of your delicious menu.

If you are not aware of how to go about it, here are some awesome ideas for you to try out.

Say more with lesser words

Although many businesses often do it, it is not a very wise thing to create a flyer that is overflowing with text. Remember your business is centered on food; hence include mouth watering images which will surely have a positive impact on the psychology of your prospects, emotionally driving them towards your service.

Make a big colorful photo the focal point of your flyer or leaflet, so that as soon as the leaflet reaches the hands of your target customer, it grabs attention. Try to place this big image within the top 50% of the flyer. Instead of a single big photo, you may even group numerous smaller images together to create the same effect.

Illustrate with a map

It is good to have a map in your flyer in order to illustrate your exact location. Once people know how close you are and how fast and conveniently you can deliver, it will give them a more local and personal feel, thereby arousing more interest.

Make shapes

This is one of the smartest ideas to make your letterbox flyer different from the rest. Use form cut shapes to draw attention and make your prospects have a ‘tangible’ feel of your business when they get hold of the flyer. You can get this done at an affordable rate by printing bulk custom-shaped flyers, coupons or leaflets, especially for your choicest offers. You may leave some space to stamp the expiry date as and when required.

Highlight the color red

Yes, it’s red that makes people hungry! So, in order to stimulate the taste buds, do not forget to include the color red in your flyer. You will be pleased to know that some studies have revealed that the heart starts beating faster when the color red is seen, and people are immediately filled with a sense of urgency. You cannot deny that there’s no better way to get people to call you and order their favorite dishes.

Do not ignore quality

More often than not, takeaway leaflets are stored so that people can place order when necessary. They are often kept in kitchen drawers or stuck on refrigerators. So, it is your responsibility to ensure that your flyer has quality design and is printed over high grade paper, so that it can be stored for a long time.

Incite people to action

Without a proper call to action, every letterbox flyer is incomplete. So, tell people what action they should take next. For instance, if you want people to call you, you must highlight your contact number in bold.

Whenever you go for letterbox marketing, make sure to repeat the campaign for a more powerful impact. Take the help of any professional letterbox distribution company, and the team will manage everything on your behalf.