The Process of Launching a Successful Flyer Marketing Campaign

The constant avalanche of online advertisements has made the strategy of letterbox flyer distribution campaigns even more effective. For businesses, a well-planned marketing distribution campaign using letterbox drops in a targeted area is cost effective and will generate new sources of revenue. Here is a  checklist to consider before launching a flyer letterbox distribution campaign –

Analysing Your Target Audience

To target your ideal audiences your communication strategies need to constantly evolve with the changing tastes and quirks of the consumer. Flyers Direct can assist you to make sure that the content and communication techniques being used in the campaigns match the expectations of the consumer.

Researching the Competition

Flyers Direct executive leaflet distribution team constantly research what their competitors are doing by keeping a close eye on–

  • Marketing patterns – Which months of the year do they most invest in marketing
  • Advertisements – Monitor all online and offline ads
  • Offers – What sales, discounts, etc are they offering? What technology is being used to monitor these offers?
  • Website – Keep track of the traction they generate as a direct result of their letterbox drop

In accordance with the findings, update and review campaigns to make sure that performance is competitive.

Targeting the Right Areas

The years of market intelligence and strategies we recommend regarding letterbox flyer drops are based on strategies which work. Also, we make use of residential household and business data so that you can have a clear understanding about the real reach which can be achieved.

Incorporating the Company Website into the Marketing Message

Mentioning the company name and website clearly on the flyer or brochure is very important. It essentially helps in keeping a clear track of how successful the flyer distribution campaign has been. Secondly, it helps in increasing your brand value.

In conclusion, it takes a lot of expertise and experience for a marketing campaign to be successful. Following these steps before launching a letterbox distribution campaign will ensure success.