The Things to Check before Going for Flyer Distribution

The Things to Check before Going for Flyer Distribution - Flyers Direct

The main reason businesses opt for flyer drops as a promotional technique is that this method has proven to yield successful results at an affordable cost. But before starting a letterbox campaign, you need to check a number of things to ensure your marketing campaign is successful.

Check Your Message

The first thing to check is the message on your flyers. The flyer drops are intended to communicate effectively with your potential customers so they take action. Artwork is the most important aspect for a successful distribution campaign. You must remember that you have seconds to gain the recipients attention, after all it is unsolicited mail. Keep the content brief, use images to sell your story and use a larger text than usual to increase readership. Print always on both sides, this is 101 of marketing. It will also increase readership. Primary colours work well and remember to make sure you include all contact details and check they are correct. Include a strong “call to action.” Unless the leaflet drop is for branding purposes only, then a “call to action” is not so important.

Timing is Important

The timing of delivery is important and you need to gather data over time and test the results. If there is rainfall or it is predicted, then it is recommended to adjust the timing of the leaflet distribution. 

Select Your Audience

The selection of the areas where your target audience are located is important when planning to use flyer drops as as a marketing strategy for your business. The flyers will yield better results when they are distributed to the right areas. The distribution of flyers is affordable and effective especially when you invest in frequent letterbox campaigns.

Unrealistic Expectations

Keeping the broader picture in mind is very important when considering leaflet distribution.  Nothing is instantaneous in business and neither are marketing results. It’s important to understand that all marketing and advertising whether it’s online or offline needs to be tested over a number of campaigns for it effectiveness. Therefore having a 12 month marketing plan for the distribution of the flyers including a budget is essential to create or maintain your brand awareness and increase sales.