Things That You Must Have on a Real Estate Listing Flyer

When designing a real estate listing flyer for handing out or for letterbox distribution, you should take care of certain basic features so it enhances your brand and creates confidence with your potential clients.

For a successful real estate listing flyer you need:-


The potential of a great headline is unlimited. The headline of your real estate listing flyer should be catchy in order to trigger interest and increase readership. Refrain from using script style or fancy fonts in the headline to ensure maximum readability. Times Roman, Arial or Impact bold style fonts with a comparatively larger text size work well. Remember to clearly state the auction time, date or selling details.


Address is important for any business, and more so when you are listing a property. Also ensure that the address is simply presented and is easy to read. Do not use abbreviations, spell out the complete address. Your flyer will look more professional and is easier to read. Check for typos before printing.


This is  a tricky section and we suggest using just sold at prices as a guide.


The description section is important in making a powerful property pitch. Make the most of this opportunity to show you are connecting with your vendors and prospects.


Without photographs, a property listing flyer looks meaningless and empty. Use quality photos that can highlight different parts of the property and perhaps a professional personal photo.