Top Tips on How to Make the Perfect Marketing Pamphlets

Pamphlet distribution in Sydney and other Australian cities and towns is the number one marketing strategy for businesses because it is effective and economical. However, not every business benefits from this marketing strategy. Why? Because they fail to create pamphlets that generate attention. It may seem difficult so here are some top tips

Stick to the Core Reason for Creating the Pamphlet

  • Who is your target market?
  • In the campaign, targeting the correct market segment with the pamphlet is very important? (Age, Gender, etc.)
  • Where do these target markets live? According to a marketing study conducted by Flyers Direct it found that most business came from within a 15 minute travel area from the client’s business location.
  • What are the main reasons potential customers will read the content of a pamphlet? It’s usually the compelling offer and services compared to the competition!
  • What should these potential customers do after they have read the pamphlet? Ideally they should follow your contact instructions on the Leaflet and contact you!

The marketing study also revealed that almost 50% of businesses tend to forget including the most basic information on their pamphlets. It is important that marketing pamphlets contain the following –

  • Their brand logo
  • Business address
  • Email address, Contact Number and Website link
  • Social Media information

Mention the Advantages

A common mistake when designing a pamphlet is simply listing all the services provided. What needs to be kept in mind is that when conducting pamphlet letterbox distribution, most recipients of the pamphlet will not have the time to read the entire copy. They are only interested in the offer-“The Call to Action”. Emphasise the offers and discounts, etc.

There’s no better way for business owners to earn an excellent reputation other than regularly distributing pamphlets. By following these tips you will definitely create a more successful letterbox campaign.